Are Dropped Calls Driving You Crazy?

Modern construction materials and other changes are affecting the way cellular signals penetrate buildings.  Is cell service spotty or weak within your office?  Do you need to get to a window or go outside to make / receive a phone call?  We have the solution!  The Connectivity Group is an authorized dealer/installer for Wilson Electronic’s WilsonPro Cellular Booster systems and can provide Free Estimates. 

The systems we install improved the cellular signal of all carriers, require no upfront contracts or recurring fees, can be installed quickly, and can be used to spot-treat troublesome areas or cover an entire building.

The WilsonPro product line contains a variety of amplifiers, antennas, and necessary cables/splitters/taps/etc. for The Connectivity Group to design a complete fully-functional system for any environment.  We have experience with all manner of office environments (including high-rise), manufacturing, distribution center, healthcare, insurance, finance, and food production. 

The WilsonPro 4000, for example, is a top-quality commercial grade cellular signal booster perfect for use in large spaces and can be used to cover an entire building. With up to 140,000 square feet coverage it is superb for offices, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, among other large properties. It amplifies 2G, 4G LTE and 3G networks for voice and data.

Additional Benefits:

  • Cellular devices battery life is extended
  • Booster certified for use in US by FCC and Industry Canada in Canada
  • Include XDR (Extra Dynamic Range) technology to guarantee un-interfered connectivity
  • Onboard software simplifies device control
  • Features Automatic Gain Control System
  • Assure a strong, effective, reliable and sure connection in areas with poor cellular signals
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and cell carriers in North America

Contact your Account Representative to learn more how we can help you improve the cellular signal within your building.

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