Access Control

img_accessAccess Control allows you to manage access to your facility without the anxiety of tracking keys. Users can be authorized by days of the week or month, by role or responsibilities, by time of day, or any combination. Your system can also generate reports based on specific criteria that will allow you to audit system use or even attempted use of doors or areas.

Connectivity Point can install a variety of systems that will fit your budget as well as be sensitive to the culture of your business. We can also provide managed or cloud based systems, which eliminate on-site software and servers, along with their associated costs of maintenance and upgrades. With a cloud based system, authorized users can manage their access control anywhere via a web browser or even a mobile device.

Whether your system requires control of a single door, or a globally connected and managed system of hundreds of facilities, Connectivity Point can enable you to maximize your resources while providing the security you need for your business, employees, customers and guests.

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