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The exponential increase of hand-held and wireless devices in the professional environment is driving the need for clear, reliable, and ubiquitous coverage. Slow wireless connections, spotty cell reception, and dropped calls can all affect productivity.

Poor reception is typically due to two main factors: distance and obstruction.

Is there a tower nearby? 
Distance is a key factor in signal strength. Simply put, if your phone is too far from a tower, the signal is weak.

Are there obstructions affecting the signal? 
Unfortunately, some of today’s energy-efficient construction methods and materials drastically reduce the penetration of wireless and cellular signals. Natural obstructions like mountains and heavy vegetation can also affect signal strength.



How Cellular Amplification Works

1. Exterior antenna collects weak signals and helps them overcome distance and bypass obstructions caused by metal, brick, concrete, even glass.

2. Interior amplifiers boost signals to a useable level.

3. Interior antennas broadcast the signal indoors, so it can be picked up by hand-held devices. The result is a stronger, more reliable signal.

Distributed antenna systems (DAS)

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are another solution are designed to accomplish multiple objectives—from propagating cellular communication, to boosting the radio communications of first responders.

Connectivity Point partners with manufacturers who provide state-of-the-art technology, and our structured cabling expertise allows us to install your cellular amplification system efficiently.

Whether you have a small business requiring a single antenna, or a large campus requiring a distributed antenna system, Connectivity Point can design and install a cellular amplification solution that fits your budget, and the unique needs of your facility.

wilsonpro-logo-blackConnectivity Point is a Certified National Installer of WilsonPro™ cellular amplification systems. Learn more about WilsonPro™ products here.

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Alene Candles

Amica Mutual Insurance
Brandeis University
Global Retailer (18 locations)
National Retailer Product Lab

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