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img_rack-patchConnectivity Point provides rack patch services for many customers on a local, national, and international level. Our rack and patch service starts with designing a detailed customer specific rack elevation that identifies rack/cabinet configuration and other specifics like power requirements, ladder tray requirements and general room layout. Connectivity Point will work with your network and telecom staff to create standardized patching/connection details to ensure all necessary connections are made by the technicians when dispatched to the site. We then handle all shipping and staffing logistics.

Connectivity Point will install the racks/cabinets and then mount the customer provided hardware based upon the approved rack elevations. Our technician would make all the appropriate patching connections and can work with your network and telecom staff to confirm all devices are on line and functioning as expected. Connectivity Point can provide troubleshooting assistance as needed to correct issues if they arise. Our customers realize significant cost savings and reduced lead times by using Connectivity Point rather than having their own limited IT resources travel to remote sites to get equipment on line. Connectivity Point also serves as their single point of contact for future maintenance activities for that particular site. Connectivity Point provides post install support for all sites through our service department.

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