Sound Masking/Speech Privacy

photo by Anton Grassl Esto

photo by Anton Grassl Esto


Sound masking and speech privacy systems have become a popular addition to today’s office fit up. These systems have a dual benefit: reducing distractions caused by extraneous conversations and enabling conversations taking place in close proximity to remain private.

Call centers, offices with poor acoustics, healthcare facilities and open offices where the privacy of conversations is a concern can all benefit from a sound masking system.

We can also integrate the system with your telephone system to act as a paging system.

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Sound Masking Case Studies

Bluefin Robotics
Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
Putney, Inc.
The Bridgespan Group
Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center



Sound Masking Solutions for Hospitals
Qt PRO Sound Masking System 

Cambridge Sound Management

Increase patient satisfaction and maintain confidentiality with the Qt PRO system. By providing continuous and consistent background sound designed to reduce distractions, this technology dramatically contributes to patient satisfaction because it effectively promotes sleep, confidentiality and speech privacy. More >>


5 Steps to Sound Masking Your Office Space

According to a recent Boston Globe article, some 80 percent of offices these days are “open.”  Open offices generally have the following characteristics:

  • Low or no partitions,
  • Small or shared workspaces,
  • Plethora of glass walls, and
  • Fewer doors and private offices.


Common complaints about these open office environments are noise distractions, interruptions, and lack of privacy, and specifically speech privacy stemming from the fact that there are fewer walls and partitions to block sound. Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound into an environment that covers up excess noise through speakers installed in or above the ceiling.

But where to start? Follow these five easy steps to improve your office space. More >>


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