Warehousing and Staging

Deployment Services - Warehousing & StagingConnectivity Point can provide warehousing and staging services either at a customer facility, our own facility or at one of our certified partner locations. Connectivity Point will prepare the hardware for deployment to the customer site(s) based on specific instructions provided by the customer or developed by Connectivity Point. Connectivity Point would be responsible for receiving, inventorying, asset tagging, and confirming delivery of material to the job site. Connectivity Point can provide disposal services of assets that are determined to be nonfunctioning and removed from a customer location. Connectivity Point ensures that the disposal is done in the most environmentally friendly way and meets all customer security requirements as needed.

Connectivity Point can also warehouse spare parts for maintenance/repair service requests or for new implementations. Connectivity Point will work with you to identify your unique requirements and create systems designed to reduce lead time on key items and to ensure the parts are available when needed for an emergency.

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