Amica Mutual Insurance WAP Deployment

AmicaAmica Mutual Insurance, the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the country, headquartered
in Lincoln, Rhode Island, partnered with Connectivity Point (CPDI) to deploy wireless
access points to each of its 40 branch office locations in 40 states across the country.

CPDI worked with Amica to devise a cost effective way to mount the access points securely while concealing the location of the AP to meet Amica’s network security requirements.

CPDI coordinated the materials and labor to install (1) Cat6 plenum rated cable to each of the WAP locations identified on the Amica provided floor plan and mounting the Amica provided WAP. The deployed technician patched the WAP into the specific switch port identified
and worked with Amica’s network engineer to confirm the WAP was on the network
and functioning properly.

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