Bluefin Robotics

CSM_BluefinRoboticsBluefinHQ_QunicyMassWhen Bluefin Robotics moved their company headquarters from Cambridge, Mass., to a former warehouse in Quincy, the 54,000 sq. ft. space would undergo a complete renovation to suit their needs.

While brimming with character, architectural elements like hardwood floors, walls of large windows and exposed ceilings presented acoustical problems. Bluefin was determined to alleviate these issues and create a productive, aesthetically pleasing office space.

During the renovation, Connectivity Point installed a sound masking system that would reduce distractions from the surrounding area and encourage productivity as well as privacy.

The size and complexity of Bluefin’s environment required four separate sound masking zones, each with unique volume settings. A Qt 600 control module from Cambridge Sound Management was chosen. During the install, 2 additional zones were added. Should Bluefin want to expand the sound masking system coverage or take advantage of the systems overhead paging and music capabilities, the infrastructure is already in place.

Bluefin’s sound masking system has been in place since November 2010.


Read the full case study from Cambridge Sound Management.


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