Fortune 500 Data Center

F500_DC2F500_DC1Connectivity Point’s National Group was able to assist a Fortune 500 insurance provider with all aspects of structured cabling in a brand new technology lab and data center. The media for this lab consists of Category 6A and OM4 fiber optic cabling which supports their regional data center in the northeast. The 30,000 sq. ft. data center is one of three regional data centers for the multi-line provider of insurance products.

Connectivity Point is the primary and preferred contractor for all three 20,000+ sq. ft. data centers across the U.S. for this client. Unlike a colocation data center, this customer designs the building essentially from the ground up, which is a strong reason why Connectivity Point’s experience and knowledge of current and future trends sets us apart from our competition.

The customer made the decision to place their intra-cabinet copper connectivity outside of the equipment cabinets thus reserving every RMU space for active equipment, as well as availability to cleanly swap out full cabinets and equipment without disturbing the connectivity infrastructure. Patch panels were installed onto brackets mounted on the cable tray directly over the network cabinets. The white cable, jacks, and equipment cabinets help reflect the available light which means less lighting is needed. Less lighting means less heat and less power—primary goals of the facilities manager.

Connectivity Point has three BICSI certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers on staff and has designed data center connectivity for a number of clients.  Please contact us if you have a data center project you would like to discuss.

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