Kaplan Higher Education

Kaplan Projector PhotoKaplan Higher Education Corporation (Kaplan) selected The Connectivity Group as their partner for a national rollout of 112 ceiling mounted projectors and screens at 18 Kaplan campuses throughout the U.S.

Kaplan offers career-oriented certificate and degree programs in campuses and through online programs in the United States, Europe, and internationally.

The projectors and screens were provided by Kaplan and The Connectivity Group was responsible for performing a site survey, inventorying the hardware, installing and programming the projector and screen, installing electrical outlets, and installing dual data outlets for each projector.

The Connectivity Group accessed its database of qualified subcontractors and partners to identify local technicians who could perform the work required. By using local resources, The Connectivity Group could cost effectively manage multiple sites simultaneously. This strategy was also preferred knowing that The Connectivity Group had identified a qualified resource who not only could perform the work cost effectively, but who could also be called back to the site for future support efforts if required.

The Connectivity Group helped define the requirements of the project including make, model and configuration of projector; site survey documentation to identify make-ready work; and site specific installation guidelines. The Connectivity Group directed each local contractor as needed to ensure that the aggressive installation schedule was kept on track and completed as quickly as possible. The Connectivity Group project manager worked closely with Kaplan’s corporate contact, as well as the individual site contacts (in most cases, multiple contacts at each site) to ensure classrooms availability would not be an issue during the rollout. In all, 112 projectors were installed within a 4 week timeframe working around classroom schedules and the holiday season.

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