Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC)


In 2008, MEMIC was named a Best Place to Work in Maine for the third consecutive year in a competition sponsored by SHRM Maine State Council. That same year, MEMIC determined that they needed to upgrade their legacy communications cabling in order to remedy nagging network issues and to prepare for the deployment of a VoIP telephone system.

Connectivity Point systematically re-cabled their six-story building with a Category 6 structured cabling infrastructure. The showcase of the project was a new data center which became the home of their VoIP PBX. One of the challenges became extending connectivity to the new data center in such a way to enable a smooth cut-over between equipment and end users. The new PBX resides in a cabinet in the data center and is a hybrid system consisting of VoIP with digital PBX stations.

Next to the phone system are two cabinets—one with patch panels with each extension out of the phone system and the other with patch panels wired to the telecom room on each floor where they are connected to each station cable. This enables MEMIC staff to use patch cords for moves, adds and changes.

Connectivity Point played an active role coordinating with the system provider and assisting in identifying and verifying connections needed. During an intense weekend cut-over, the customer appreciated Connectivity Point’s “can do” attitude and was very impressed with technician’s effort to work through punch list items in a thoughtful and detail oriented manner. The result was a successful cut-over and MEMIC’s ability to take advantage of the features and functions their new PBX has to offer.

Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC), based in Portland, Maine, is the state’s largest and leading workers’ compensation insurer, providing coverage to more than 20,000 Maine employers and their estimated 170,000 employees.

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