Morong Mazda/Audi/Porsche/VW

MorongMorong Mazda/Audi/Porsche/VW has operated since 1954 and has locations in Falmouth and Brunswick, Maine. This large auto dealer found itself with two locations with outdated analog video systems that were no longer recording properly. Auto dealers rely on video surveillance to protect themselves from vandalism, misunderstandings with customers and employee safety, among other things. A fully functional video surveillance system is a must.

After analyzing the systems, cameras and infrastructure, Connectivity Point was able to converge both locations onto a single IP video platform utilizing fiber and the existing cameras. This allowed the dealer to save a great deal of money and have all cameras functioning properly as a cohesive system. The dealer was also able to then decide which cameras they wanted to upgrade to mega pixel HD cameras and get a better recording. The new system also interacts with intrusion alarms and exterior speakers, giving the dealer the opportunity to expand the system and functionality.

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