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NHD Image 1NHD Image 2Connectivity Point Design and Installation (CPDI) completed the installation of communications cabling, sound masking and audio/visual equipment for the new offices of law firm Norman, Hanson & DeTroy in Portland, Maine.

The three floors of Norman, Hanson & DeTroy’s new space were completely gutted and reconfigured. This enabled a completely new Category 6 structured cabling system to be installed. More than 250 cables were required to provide connectivity to work stations and network equipment. Wireless access points provided by IT partner Systems Engineering were provided to Connectivity Point to install.

In addition, Connectivity Point designed and installed a sound masking and speech privacy system throughout the open office areas—as well as private offices—on all three floors. The system, manufactured by Cambridge Sound Management, produces a mild whooshing noise specifically engineered to the same wavelength as human speech. The result is a more pleasant work environment with less distractions and a greater sense of privacy from competing conversations that take place in close proximity to one another.

Connectivity Point equipped multiple meeting rooms with audio/visual equipment. Wall mounted flat-panel displays and associated cabling to “cable cubbies” cut into the conference room table tops helped make these rooms functional and user friendly.

Two larger rooms required high resolution NEC ceiling mounted projectors and Draper 123″ Diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio, Access Series V, Tab-Tensioned projection screens with low-voltage control modules. Ceiling-mounted flat field speakers provide audio reinforcement for program material as well as voice reinforcement from two wireless microphones. In the future the speakers could be used in a video conferencing application. Connectivity Point also provided and installed a Sony Blu-Ray/DVD disc player.

In order to make these systems easy to use, and the rooms more versatile, Connectivity Point designed and programmed a complete control system. An Extron TLP 700 MV wall mounted 7” color touch screen serves as the main control location. This was paired with an Extron MLC 104 IP Plus push button controller for when the rooms are segmented into two meeting spaces. The functionality of the touch screen includes: projection screens up/down, projectors on/off, source selection between six table top connection points, dedicated PC and Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray transport control, program volume up/down, voice volume up/down, display mute and audio mute.

Within a credenza supplied by the owner, Connectivity Point installed a Middle Atlantic 10-space racking system. Within this rack Connectivity Point mounted the Blu-Ray player, an owner supplied personal computer, wireless microphone receivers, scalers, switchers, sound system amplifier, power management and all the components of the control system, with the exception of the control surfaces themselves. The owner supplied a wireless keyboard and mouse for use with the dedicated PC.

Read the sound masking case study by Cambridge Sound Management.

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