Regional retailer: Organize/secure IT equipment

A regional retail chain selected Connectivity Point Design and Installation (CPDI) as their preferred partner to help organize and secure critical network equipment across multiple locations. In most cases, the equipment had been placed in rooms with limited access, unorganized and unsecured on tables and racks.

The purpose of organization efforts was three-fold: to standardize their network equipment environment; to identify and properly label all existing connections; and to secure equipment in a lockable data cabinet.

Connectivity Point began the project by performing a site survey and using pictures of the existing environment to propose a plan of action. CPDI proposed how and where to install the new cabinet and how to migrate all existing station cabling and equipment into the cabinet. The site survey also identified all dial tone, data circuits and customer specific devices to confirm that all connections and devices were included.

Connectivity Point worked with the customer’s corporate IT project manager to develop a two-phase installation approach, which was documented and allowed work to be completed with minimum down time. Connectivity Point technicians followed the customer-specific shut down and testing procedures for equipment and also provided next-day support to ensure any corrective action could be performed immediately upon store reopening, if needed.

The overall result of the project was that corporate support of each location was able to be more efficient and all equipment was located in more secure and cleaner environment.

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