SMMC PrimeCare Physician Associates

photo by Samantha DuPal, via Facebook

photo by Samantha DuPaul, via Facebook

SMMC PrimeCare Physician Associates wanted to consolidate several PrimeCare practices, as well as administrative offices, into a brand new, three-story, 51,000 sq. ft. building located in Biddeford, Maine.

Including Connectivity Point early in the design of a project not only ensures flexible, scalable and reliable structured cabling, but also reduces the chances of costly change orders along the way. Connectivity Point worked closely with PrimeCare’s IT department to clarify requirements and expectations and communicated the results to the construction team to ensure that the General Contractor and all trades were aware of IT needs. The greatest challenge became the server room.

Connectivity Point had argued on behalf of the IT staff for a larger server room. But space was tight and only the minimum space was allotted. Midway through the project PrimeCare made significant changes to their computer network configuration and the result was the server room needed to double in space. CDPI worked with the GC and other trades to redesign the server room to accommodate PrimeCare’s needs. By applying its knowledge and capabilities CPDI was able to deliver a state-of-the-art server room for PrimeCare.

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