Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy

logo_waltzConnectivity Point installed a new structured cabling system for the voice, data, video and security systems within the 13,000 sq. ft. occupied by Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy in the Times Record building at 3 Business Parkway in Brunswick, Maine.

Waltz fills, monitors and delivers long-term prescriptions for assisted living facilities and nursing facilities throughout most of the state. The new facility hosts the long term prescription operation, management, data entry staff, pharmacists specializing in geriatric medicine, a delivery operation and other related equipment.

Connectivity Point project manager Anthony Cook coordinated with the owner’s other vendors (security, IT, video conferencing) to ensure that the infrastructure installed during construction would meet their needs. This is the strategy behind a structured cabling system—to install the cabling for all technology systems using a cohesive and well planned design. The result is not only an efficient and less expensive installation, but a flexible, scalable and reliable foundation for the business’ critical technology systems.

“From my perspective the work Connectivity Point did went very well,” said Dean Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer and President of Waltz. “We threw a number of different challenges and changes at them along the way and they handled it with precision.”

Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy, Guardian Pharmacy of Maine LLC, an autonomous local affiliate of the Atlanta-based Guardian pharmacy, provides medicine distribution services to assisted living facilities throughout the state of Maine.

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