Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center

WentworthDouglass_2WentworthDouglass_1The Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center in Dover, N.H., houses four floors of medical offices, exam rooms, registration areas and on-site lab and imaging suite. The center has an open plan design and occupies 78,000 sq. ft.

In the second floor Family Practice office, employees and patients were experiencing acoustical challenges. Because of the open design, conversations taking place at the registration desk could be overheard by patients in the waiting room. Patients in the waiting room were distracted by noise coming from the desk and nearby business area.

Connectivity Point installed a Qt PRO 600 sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management in the waiting room of Dover Family Practice. Over the next few weeks, feedback from employees and patients was overwhelmingly positive. Connectivity Point handled the installation when the system was expanded into all 10 physician group practices, lab and imaging suite.

Read the full case study from Cambridge Sound Management.

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