Case Study: See What’s Cooking at Stonewall Kitchen

Cellular signal was poor within Stonewall Kitchen’s large Distribution Facility and they turned to The Connectivity Group for assistance.  The Connectivity Group, and sister company Connectivity Point, designed and installed a passive DAS (distributed antenna system) using a WilsonPro cellular amplifier, rooftop directional antenna, and indoor distribution antennas that were strategically located to best serve the warehouse staff. 

The WilsonPro solution amplifies the signal of all carriers, requires no long term contract or recurring fees, and can be installed cost effectively to “spot treat” trouble areas or installed to serve an entire building.  “The team did an awesome job today!” reported the customer contact. “Amazing how fast they got it done!  Cell service is good, 2-4 bars now and there was 0 signal before.”

If you have a commercial space with poor cell signal, we have a solution!  Contact your Account Executive or our office to set up a consultation.

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