Drummey promoted to Account Executive

It is our pleasure to announce that Leigh Drummey has been offered and accepted the Account Executive/Maine sales position.

Leigh has been with the company for more than 8 years. In that time, she has anchored the sales/marketing coordinator position. Prior to joining the Connectivity Point (CPDI) team, Leigh was in sales for 6 years with Gensym Corp., a software company in Burlington, Massachusetts, where she was responsible for generating $5M in annual sales/service contracts. Leigh also has a degree in Business Administration—with a concentration in Marketing—from the University of Maine.

Throughout her time at CPDI, Leigh has shown a strong customer service mindset, a proven work ethic and an ability to adapt and overcome challenges to accomplish objectives. These skills, combined with Leigh’s familiarity with CPDI, will enable her to achieve quick success in this new position.

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