NHBR article: Broadband is essential

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Telehealth (photo from nhbr.com)

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Telehealth – photo from nhbr.com

In a recent article by Charlie French in the New Hampshire Business Review titled Why Broadband is so essential in today’s economy, the author features three NH businesses to highlight the critical role high-speed connectivity plays in each of their businesses.

The article focuses on the importance of broadband services like those provided by Bay Ring, Windstream, Fairpoint, etc. It is interesting to point out, however, that each of the three businesses highlighted in the article are network cabling customers of Connectivity Point.

Broadband service is great, but without appropriate network infrastructure, companies cannot reap the benefit. Conclusion—Connectivity Point makes broadband possible!

When Pixel Media moved into their new offices at 75 New Hampshire Avenue on the Pease campus, Connectivity Point installed all the communications cabling infrastructure that serves as the foundation of their voice and data network.  The cabling was installed and tested/certified to meet Category 6 performance which gave them confidence that the broadband services available on the Pease campus could be leveraged.

The next company mentioned in the article, Northern Human Services (NHS), is a non-profit serving Carroll and Coos counties.  The network set up by ConnectNH to expand telehealth and other services could not be fully utilized by NHS because of the simple fact that the cabling within many of their offices was deficient.  Connectivity Point worked creatively with NHS to maximize their limited budget to remedy this situation.

The final example in the article, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, is well aware of the importance of cabling infrastructure.  They have rigid requirements and high expectations of their communications cabling because they understand that it truly is the foundation of their network.  Connectivity Point was recently awarded the project of re-cabling their clinic in Concord, NH.  Charlie French points out that broadband internet is essential in today’s economy, and that is true.

But even more important is the cabling infrastructure within YOUR facility.  Connectivity Point specializes in the infrastructure for voice, data, video and security applications. We design and install network cabling, audio/visual equipment, surveillance and security solutions, wireless networks, and telephone systems.  Contact us today for a free estimate or evaluation.  Join Pixel Media, Northern Human Services, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and many others, on our customer list!

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