Introducing the AXIS P91 Corner Mount Camera

Introducing the P91 Corner Mounted Camera Series

Keys Facts:

  • Corner Mountable
  • 3MP
  • Anti-ligature
  • IP66 Rated
  • IK10 Rated
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Support for Audio and I/O through T61 Series
  • Small form factor
  • Brushed stainless steel cover plate accessory coming soon!
  • Based on M3046-V 1.8mm model
  • Use the 2n 2Wire Convertors and hook them up to an available pair of wires.


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Mass Notification System for Paging Communication & Life Safety

A sprawling industrial facility with a variety of challenging environments needed a means of communicating throughout the plant. Connectivity Point was engaged to design and install a solution to satisfy this customer’s demands. It took more than 200 Bogen paging horns to accomplish the task in the multi-level, 700,000 sf complex, including High Efficiency horns in the loud production areas.  Speaker wiring was a challenge in the industrial environment and required conduit at the “hot end” of production lines in many locations.  The design and execution of this project consisted of utilizing five existing IDFs that were used for remote amplifiers and connection back to the MDF interface with the owner’s PBX and PLC Process Servers. This design saved the customer thousands in labor cost and will serve as the basis for similar systems in their other facilities.

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Power Up!

Underappreciated until you need them, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) quietly protect equipment, and the systems they support, from blackouts, brownouts, power sags, surges, or noise interference.  Here are two sexy models (APC J-PRO 120liebert 500va-3000va-brochure) that would make a great ‘gift’ for your network.  They have features like zero transfer time, hot-swappable batteries, and double online conversion of the waveform.  If you have questions about which UPS is appropriate for you, Contact Us [link to email] and we’d be happy to make a recommendation.


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Sound Masking, Paging, Music – All In One

Sound masking technology makes workplaces more comfortable, private, and productive.  It is a way to reduce noise distractions, increase privacy, and improve the comfort of the office.  Cambridge Sound Management is the country’s largest sound masking manufacturer and The Connectivity Group is one of their top 10 dealer/installers.  We have installed these systems from Augusta, Maine to Augusta, Georgia and Lewiston-Auburn to Los Angeles.  We have experience with law firms, hospitals, insurance companies, clinics, call centers, and virtually every form of office environment.  Now in addition to the benefits of sound masking, Cambridge Sound Management offers their Active Emitter designed for situations where high-quality voice/music is needed.  Get sound masking, paging, and music all in one!


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Brunch & Learn: Digital Signage Content Creation

Friday, September 14, 2018
9 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

400 US Route 1, Suite A
Falmouth, ME

Complementary brunch items will be provided. Parking available.


Join us for this informative session from Almo Professional A/V, North America’s largest professional audio visual distributor, who recently acquired certain assets of Insteo, Inc., a specialized digital signage content and creative company that programs and designs content for digital signage, and then provides tools to manage the day-to-day changes in the cloud.

As a result of this acquisition, which was announced July 17, Almo Pro A/V is now able to provide the most comprehensive digital signage content service offering available through any distributor in the industry.  Almo partners, such as The Connectivity Group, can offer these expanded services to their customer base. “We now have an entire team of experts behind us, so we can offer customers world-class content design and creation.” Says Tim Hooper, president of The Connectivity Group. “This is the missing link for many of our customers. They understand the effectiveness and value of digital messaging but finding an easy way to develop and manage the content in a cost-effective manner has been a real challenge.” In addition to the U.S., these services can be accessed throughout Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean, and Almo Pro A/V have plans for expansion.

Advanced Content without the advanced price.

Cloud Templates: Pre-designed content templates for businesses of any size allow for immediate content edits from any web browser. The large library of templates is for digital menu boards, lobby directories, real estate listings project boards and more. Clients can change prices, tenants or any other line item from any web browser and from anywhere in the world.

Custom Content: Award-winning designers and programmers help create unique digital signage interactive content for static and interactive displays to fit the exact needs of a project. Custom content includes data integration, touch screens, video development, motion graphics and custom programming.

Use pre-built solutions to keep pricing down. That doesn’t mean cookie cutter—we work with you to match our solutions to your branding.

Outsource as if they were a new “member of your team” to handle all design, programming, content loading, and setup—your content is ready when you turn on your screen.

Receive training for you and your staff to handle everyday content updates.

Our approach is simple. We do all the hard work and get everything running right, and then you handle the day-to-day updates. Contact us today for more information.

Signage examples:


Wayfinding samples:


Here’s a few automated event listings:

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Shure Ceiling Array Microphone

Are conference calls in your large meeting / training rooms an embarrassment?  You need this product!  The Shure Ceiling Array Microphone looks like a 2 x 2 ceiling tile, but holds remarkable technology that will make you look and sound like a hero.  Within this innocent looking device is Steerable Coverage™ Technology using up to 8 separate programmable lobes to capture voices throughout your room more accurately than any other product.

An automatic positioning tool in the control software easily adjusts lobes toward each participant’s voice. We can handle all the programming, but if you want to know the truth, the intuitive user interface offers easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns.  (I love it when the manufacturer makes us look smart!)  Check out this informative video and then shoot us an email with the floor plan of your meeting room so we can get started on designing a solution for you. I want a better microphone.

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Brunch & Learn: Software Integration of Cameras + Access Control + Intrusion/Alarm

Join us on Friday, July 27th 2018 to learn how true security system integration works. As security systems move to the network, IT & security managers are interested in solutions that integrate CCTV, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection all on one software platform.  A representative from ExacqVision,  Kantech and The Connectivity Group will go into detail on the software integration option of these systems, and the effects on the network.  Attendees will get an in depth look into system requirements and how IT managers & physical Security managers can save their organization time and money by leveraging the latest technologies.  An integrated system helps protect your facility, your employees, and your valuable Information, AND it will save you time when you need to access the information within these systems. A security system that is connected via software can provide you the control and information in real time even if you are miles away from your office.

RSVP’s are required


July 27, 2018  9am-10:15am

400 US Route 1, Suite A, Falmouth, ME

Complementary food and beverages

Parking Available

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Tech Trends: Video Analytics

Video analytics refers to the automated ability to use the images captured by a video camera in a proactive manner.  Examples would be monitoring the line at a cash register, where customers shop most frequently within your store, or if employees are or are not adhering to safety rules in a manufacturing facility.  As the cost for this technology decreases, and the applications and benefits increase, we are seeing cameras in more and more places.  They aren’t just for loss-prevention. The following information from explains this tech trend.

What are Video Analytics?

Video analytics software was created to help review the growing hours of surveillance video that a security guard or system manager may never have time to watch – your video surveillance system is only as useful as the incidents you can capture and watch, and video analytics will help you find them.

Using video analytics makes your surveillance system more efficient, reduces the workload on security and management staff, and helps you capture the full value of security by making your IP camera system more intelligent in its work.

Video analytics software for security cameras is available in several forms; installed on your camera, on your NVR, or aTech s a 3rd party software you buy. Each version will do the same thing, however – monitor your videos to search for and alert you to activity.

Video analytics can be used for:

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition & license plate reading
  • People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores
  • Recognizing long lines at checkouts and sending alerts

Video analytics software comes with a wide range of features, making them easy to fit into any surveillance system. Choose from software that supports every system from the smallest system to large multi-campus systems. A variety of leading manufactures create video analytics software.


5 Reasons why video analytics is now the big focus in CCTV surveillance

Reprinted from IFSEC Global.

  1. Video analytics for everyone

Video analytics or CCTV software has come a long way over the last few years in terms of capabilities and accessibility. In previous years, analytics were primarily needed and available to large, corporate or government systems, requiring powerful servers to run each application along with high-end infrastructure.

Now, due to maturing analytic engines and the exponential increase in camera and server processing power, analytics can be used by many different kinds of users and run a variety of environments. Analytics can run on the camera (edge) or on a server running multiple video streams or applications.

  1. Choice on the edge

The growing prevalence of analytics on the edge offers systems flexibility and can significantly reduce the cost of the overall solution, as fewer servers are required to run the analytics. Edge base analytics can also lessen system bandwidth demands, as video can be transmitted from the camera only after being prioritized by the analytics.

With IP cameras, analytics present the same types of possibilities, adding in optional applications that build on the camera’s out of the box capabilities.  Many premium cameras already possess the processing horsepower and available memory to do this today. It is simply a matter of time for an ecosystem of add-in functionality to become available.

  1. Business Intelligence

In the analogue age, surveillance devices themselves were used purely as security solutions. Now that IP network, cameras have become so popular and especially because of the edge analytics they offer, the humble camera has become a business intelligence tool.

Analytics can offer such tools as heat mapping and queue monitoring for retail and hospitality, as well as people counting and foot traffic.

  1. Processing power

The processing power of camera and servers continues to grow exponentially whilst prices are steadily declining. As time passes and the camera’s processing power increases, its capability for hosting an ever-increasing array of analytic functions also increases.

  1. Better decision making

Even with the great strides in improved effectiveness, increased accessibility and cost, the primary function of analytics is still to complement the role system operators, not to eliminate them.

Ultimately, analytics assist operators in making informed decisions by illuminating the unusual from the mundane. As the number of cameras being deployed and monitoring continues to increase. Better analytics can’t help but give the operator more reliable information, which in turn improves response time and effectiveness.

For more applications and specific information, visit


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New Tax Plan allows for Security System Write-off

Looking to install a new security system for your business in 2018? You’re in luck!

Under President Trump’s new tax plan, small and medium-sized businesses can write off 100 percent of their alarm and security system purchases for existing commercial buildings.

Prior to 2018, security protection systems were excluded from deductions in Section 179 of the IRS tax code, forcing businesses to depreciate the cost instead. Only repairs could be deducted in the same tax year, but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed in into law in late December, expands eligibility for deductions to alarm and security systems, along with other equipment, placed in service in 2018, according to articles published by the Security Industry AssociationAccounting Today and Forbes.

The law also increases the amount of qualified purchases a business can expense to $1 million, up from $500,000. View a fact sheet with more details from the Security Industry Association.

Experts predict the change will lower the overall cost of installing a security system by 25 to 30 percent. Please consult your tax advisor for your specific tax savings.

Let us design and install a solution for your business today!

To ensure compliance with IRS requirements imposed by the United States Treasury, we inform you that any tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of 1) avoiding tax-related penalties or 2) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax-related matters addressed in this communication.

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Connectivity Point Design & Installation Acquires the Assets of Rhode Island Based Computer Telephone Inc.

Connectivity Point Design & Installation LLC (CPDI) announced today it has acquired the assets of Computer Telephone Inc. (CTI), based in Warwick, Rhode Island.

“Since 2002 we have focused on growing the business geographically by adding quality products and team members. The acquisition of CTI allows us to perform project work and respond quickly to service requests using our own team of licensed and skilled estimators, project managers, and technicians. We are excited to bring the high-quality work we currently provide in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to Rhode Island and elsewhere as we continue to grow.” said Doug Watt, President and CEO of Connectivity Point.

The acquisition was a strategic part of CPDI’s expansion of its operations into Rhode Island. CPDI will be retaining key employees, including Tom Towhill, previous owner of CTI and current VP of Sales and Marketing, who will be employed as CPDI’s Territory Sales Manager in southern New England.

“Tom and CTI have made a great name for themselves in the area providing quality products and services. Adding Tom and his crew to our team will make us much stronger as a company,” adds Watt. “We’re growing strategically and acquiring a company with CTI’s strong local reputation allows us to deliver flexible solutions to our customers while providing our employees with a great place to work.”

Towhill states “this acquisition strengthens our ability to provide our customers with world-class products and service. Adding audio-visual, security, and sound masking to our existing business allows us to be a single point of contact for all our customers’ communications needs in New England.”

Watt will remain President and CEO of Connectivity Point. Connectivity Point now has 120 employees and nearly 1000 customers across New England.

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